Ontario families can enjoy home  thanks to friendly and professional pest control services provided by Accurate Termite and Pest Control.


Ontario families can enjoy home thanks to friendly and professional pest control services provided by Accurate Termite and Pest Control. 

We have been eliminating and controlling bugs in the Ontario area for just about 10 years, making us the top supplier of termite and pest control for Ontario residents. We offer quality pest control, performed by technicians who have an average of 15 years experience in the pest control industry.

Accurate Termite and Pest Control, has a great pest control offer for the Ontario community. Sign-up and you will get a termite inspection for your home, at no cost at all! Additionally, you can get $75 off a pest control program and $125 discount on a general maintenance program. Sign-up now!

When you take advantage of our free home inspection for Ontario residents, you will get a report that includes the discoveries of termite and other wood-destroying life forms, such as fungus and carpenter bees. At Accurate Termite and Pest Control we understand that Ontario residents expect services that are ecological and effective. We offer choices for termite control treatment without harsh chemicals, for example, heat application and Boron-based products, completely backed by our guarantee. Our termite control treatment programs are tailored to each home’s needs for optimal outcomes.  



Special offer for termite control in Ontario


Residents of Ontario can enjoy a special termite control offer that includes a free home inspection, an expert report with the recommended programs adapted to your home needs, and $75 off on the extermination and pest control program of your choice. It also includes:

  • A customized termite treatment program to control any active and current infestations (bid on inspection)
  • Repairs of wood damaged by termites, fungus-rot and other wood destroying organisms (bid on inspection)
  • Application of boron-based products where applicable to prevent termite and fungus re-infestations (bid on inspection)
  • Treatment to control subterranean termites around your home and keep them away (bid on inspection)
  • One-Year Warranty on ALL Termite infestations and termite related damage in your home.

We offer this promotion only several times a year throughout San Bernardino County; however, Ontario families can enjoy this offer throughout the year.

On average, homeowners spend more than $7,000* on termite control and repairs.

Sign up today and protect your home from pests, with the number one supplier of pest extermination and control services.


* Average repairs: $7,229 from 2016 survey by Decision Analysts of TMX independent contractors in the TMX network. Estimated treatment: $1,363. Every home is different; repair costs may vary.

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