Termite Control Ontario

Did you know that termites cause homeowners in Ontario and throughout the U.S. an estimated $5 billion in damages every year?

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true! Termite invasions cause substantial harm to homes and usually the harm is not apparent until it’s become a really costly problem. That is why yearly termite inspections should never be missed!

Currently, Accurate Termite and Pest Control is offering $75 off our Comprehensive Termite Control Program so you can save your home from termite damage.

We suggest a complete and thorough inspection of your home by an authorized termite control technician once a year along with termite control products for prevention. It’s also important to fix any harm already done by termites to protect the structural integrity of your home. As the saying goes: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Indeed, a yearly inspection can spare you the trouble and cost of a full blown infestation. 

Act Now and get $75 OFF our Comprehensive Termite Control Program.

  • A customized termite treatment program to control any active and current infestations (bid on inspection)
  • Repairs of wood damaged by termites, fungus-rot and other wood destroying organisms (bid on inspection)
  • Application of boron-based products where applicable to prevent termite and fungus re-infestations (bid on inspection)
  • Treatment to control subterranean termites around your home and keep them away (bid on inspection)
  • One-Year Warranty on ALL Termite infestations and termite related damage in your home

We are so confident about our Comprehensive Termite Control Program that you can renew the guarantee every year for one low rate and still get all services included in our Comprehensive Termite Control Program.

What do we mean?

For any individual who agrees to accept our Comprehensive Termite Control Program, we will guarantee your home for $350 against all new termite action, termite-related harm, and products required for new termite swarms. You would then be able to renew your guarantee for a flat rate year after year. This is only a small amount of what it can cost to treat for another termite invasion. Obtain a lifetime Termite Control Warranty and never stress over termite harm again.

Click now to take advantage of this offer for Ontario homeowners and get $75 off your initial Comprehensive Termite Control Program and get the chance to extend your termite control warranty for life.

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